What I Wore- Cancun 2015


My favorite thing I wore all vacation, a pair of psychedelic swirly wrap around pants with a peekaboo slit up each side. They were PERFECT for rocking some round-the-pool Vintage!

Recently, Robin and I took a little 5 day escape to Cancun, Mexico and I’m going to tell you all about it on the blog in another entry, but for now, you’ll have to excuse the selfie parade. I love that glam rockin MMA fightin man but he is a TERRIBLE photographer. Like, seriously people, no eye. So while we work on that, it’s selfies for all.


The whole thing- THRIFTED. Thrift tip: It is totally fine to be loud and proud about thrifted suits. I know it might give some folks the heeby-jeebies, but how many times have you borrowed a suit from a friend? throw it in the wash (I do it twice before wearing) and you are a retro diva good to go. For under $10.00. #Thereisaidit




I got this adorable little collared crop top for a song from Etsy, and my high-waist Jeans were $9.00 on the Hot Topic Sale Rack. WHY DIDNT I BUY THEM ALL?! Faryl Robyns were $25.00 6 years ago at Daffy’s (RIP) in New York.



PANTS THAT BECOME A JUMPSUIT?! Yup. $7.99 at Value Village




ready for Vacay the Peck way. That is, with a shot of tequila and Beer. Two Birds= One Fist. Betsey Johnson across the shoulder bag (perfect for the beach) $5.99 at V.V. and Leopard Tank- $3.99 at Bibles for Missions Sunglasses- $10.00 Black Market Toronto Necklace- $2.99 Kind Exchange Queen St.

Well, that’s my very first What I Wore! Not the most exciting one (as I spent most of the week running around in a bathing suit, and we’re not at that point in our blogging friendship yet 😉 but I’m happy to share it with ya. Also- Note: all inclusives equal fun in the sun and lots of blurry tequila pictures.