What I Wore- Cancun 2015


My favorite thing I wore all vacation, a pair of psychedelic swirly wrap around pants with a peekaboo slit up each side. They were PERFECT for rocking some round-the-pool Vintage!

Recently, Robin and I took a little 5 day escape to Cancun, Mexico and I’m going to tell you all about it on the blog in another entry, but for now, you’ll have to excuse the selfie parade. I love that glam rockin MMA fightin man but he is a TERRIBLE photographer. Like, seriously people, no eye. So while we work on that, it’s selfies for all.


The whole thing- THRIFTED. Thrift tip: It is totally fine to be loud and proud about thrifted suits. I know it might give some folks the heeby-jeebies, but how many times have you borrowed a suit from a friend? throw it in the wash (I do it twice before wearing) and you are a retro diva good to go. For under $10.00. #Thereisaidit




I got this adorable little collared crop top for a song from Etsy, and my high-waist Jeans were $9.00 on the Hot Topic Sale Rack. WHY DIDNT I BUY THEM ALL?! Faryl Robyns were $25.00 6 years ago at Daffy’s (RIP) in New York.



PANTS THAT BECOME A JUMPSUIT?! Yup. $7.99 at Value Village




ready for Vacay the Peck way. That is, with a shot of tequila and Beer. Two Birds= One Fist. Betsey Johnson across the shoulder bag (perfect for the beach) $5.99 at V.V. and Leopard Tank- $3.99 at Bibles for Missions Sunglasses- $10.00 Black Market Toronto Necklace- $2.99 Kind Exchange Queen St.

Well, that’s my very first What I Wore! Not the most exciting one (as I spent most of the week running around in a bathing suit, and we’re not at that point in our blogging friendship yet 😉 but I’m happy to share it with ya. Also- Note: all inclusives equal fun in the sun and lots of blurry tequila pictures.

WILDTHING Gets Featured!


An exciting day for WILDTHINGVINTAGE today, as one of our dresses was featured in a music video! The Good Boys are a dapper trio of bad ass boys who are playing some sweet tunes out of Toronto, and today they filmed their official video for “Single Malt Shop” and that babe of a retro waitress was wearing WILDTHING!

Check out a few snaps from the day:


A full-color on-set Shot! Look how perfect that classic early 60s day dress works against those navy suits. Love.


video 2

a monitor shot in b&w. Look at that flawless face.


behind the scenes in WILDTHING!


Shoutout to everyone who kept me in the loop today via Instagram




All in, I’m proud that some of my treasures are being put to good use and committed to film. A timeless dress for a timeless look! If you’d like to check out The Good Boys, check out their video below: